Trudy Huskamp Peterson

Certified Archivist

Training Courses

I work with clients to develop and present training courses in two broad areas: archives management, including legal matters, and archival theory and practice. Suggested topics are listed to the right. If a client has need for training in an area that is not listed, I will tailor a course to the client’s requirements.

I will present the training myself or I will locate and engage the very best international specialists to present the training program the client requires. I work with clients to identify the type of background that the clients would like the educators to have in order to provide the most fruitful and stimulating educational experience.

Training is usually conducted on site. The training may be a single session or a series of sessions held consecutively or days or weeks apart. The training may follow the “train and visit” model, with each session including a visit to the archives and a review of work undertaken since the last training session.


Archival management

Mission statements and priorities
Archives conceptualization and development
Legal matters for archives
Donations, deeds of gift, purchases
Vital records in archives
Replevin and transborder movements
Borrowing and lending for exhibition
International standards for archives practices


Archival theory and practice

Basic elements of archival administration
Appraisal policy and retention plans
Solicitation policy and strategy
International standards for archival description
Access policies and procedures
Reference policies and procedures
International code of ethics for archivists