Trudy Huskamp Peterson

Certified Archivist

ICA HRWG News Commentary topics

2009-12 to 2012-08        Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2012-09 to 2013-06        Principles of Access to Archives  


2013-07           Biometric databases

2013-09           Records of identity

2013-09           Use of records in international trials

2013-10           International Crimes  Tribunal (Bangladesh)

2013-11           Prosecution and destruction of archives

2013-12           Year in review


2014-01           Photos from Syria morgue

2014-02           Ukraine and duplication of records prevents all destruction

2014-03           Records relating to Demjanjuk case

2014-04           Armenia/Turkey/records of diplomacy

2014-05           Right to be forgotten

2014-06           Redacting and data mining for mosaics

2014-07           Ecuador human medical samples

2014-08           Records kept by anti-state groups

2014-09           Videos as evidence

2014-10           Interviews and their use in prosecution

2014-11           End of 5 years recap

2014-12           Year in review


2015-01           Records of temporary bodies

2014-02           Architecture records of prisons (Vietnam)

2015-03           Satellite images

2015-04           Statistics

2015-05           Report on Basic Principles on the Role of Archivists in Support of Human Rights

2015-06           Documenting marriage

2015-07           Track of Indian statue theft

2015-08           Refugees and documents

2015-09           ICA meeting report

2015-10           Business archives/ICA plans

2015-11           Climate change

2015-12           Year in review


2016-01           Corruption

2016-02           True information, true copies

2016-03           Basic Principles on the Role of Archivists in Support of Human Rights: Status report

2016-04           Microfilm conversion to digital storage

2016-05           Court records: Argentina, Bangladesh, African chambers

2016-06           European Union privacy rules (written by Giulia Barrera)

2016-07           Opening of World War II diaries, displaced archives

2016-08           ICA Congress events, Basic Principles released

2016-09           Archives at risk meeting

2016-10           Voting records

2016-11           Missing persons

2016-12           Year in review


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